The Yookidoo Submarine Spray Station

This is a game changer.

When Atticus hit 18 months and became conversant with the word “No”, it became difficult to shoo him into the shower. Things got worse when diaper rash hit and he feared the pain that accompanied bathing. Between the rash and an increasingly strong willed child, bath time was no longer the fun-filled exploratory 15 minutes it used to be but an all out battle of wits amidst nerve-wracking wails.

Forget respectful mindful parenting or child-led montessori approach. The kid had to be bathed or his rash would get worse. Bath time became a dread for him and for us.

Until we got the Yookidoo Submarine Spray Station.

I first read about it on a mommy forum and thought, what the hell – couldn’t hurt to try. It’s available on Amazon and arrived about two weeks ago. This is how the packaging looks like:

The station comes with suction cups and is intended to be a bath tub toy. We don’t have a tub so I stuck the station on the glass shower wall and placed a basin below instead. I must say I’m quite impressed by the quality of the suction cups. They’ve held up to most of Atticus’s attempts to pull the station down. 

The submarine needs to be submerged for the filter to pump the water through the spray pipe. When water is sprayed into the yellow funnel, the eyes roll around and the propeller turns. When sprayed into the red funnel, the clock hands turn and streams of water shoot from the red-white striped pipe like a mini fountain.


It was a hit straight away.

Atticus gets all excited when the streams shoot out and loves pointing out the wonky eyes and the turning propeller. The spray is also just the right size for him to handle without him getting frustrated when he tries to spray water and aim the jet stream into the funnels.  With this bath toy, Atticus gets to practice coordination skills (you have to press the side buttons to trigger the spray) and experiment with hosing things down. So far, he’s learned to wash the glass panel and spray water on himself at different body parts. Oh, and “Spray water at mommy.” Best of all, he likes bath time again.

Another great thing about this toy is that it’s easy to bring around so you can even use it just as a water play feature outside of bath time. Atticus was bored one morning so we brought out the Yookidoo Station and set it up in our balcony to play with grandma.


The Yookidoo Spray Station costs US$24.95 on Amazon and requires 4 AA-batteries. Some reviewers have commented on how fast the toy breaks down (for someone, it stopped working after the first use), I suppose because the batteries and the mechanism is in water so much. It hasn’t for me yet so I’ll see how long before the toy fails.

In the mean time, the Yookidoo Spray Station has made bath time work for us again so I’m just going to enjoy it while it lasts.


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