Hi, I’m Megan

I’m a working mom to two kids, Atticus and Ainsley, who are 16 months apart. We decided on baby bunching for various reasons, one of which is so that we wouldn’t forget what to do with the next baby. As it is, I’m already forgetting some of the things I did with Atticus that I would like to repeat with Ainsley.

So I started this blog – already knee deep into parenting my toddler – as a compilation of what we’ve done and are doing to make things work, because you know, 1 plus 1 does not equal 2 when it comes to babies.

One of the things that helped to make life easier was cooking in batches and freezing them to create meals for Atticus in advance. Doing this was so helpful in saving time and energy, especially for the grandparents who take care of the kids a lot for me. It’s also enabled me in my quest to delay the inevitable introduction of commercially sold food to my children.  It was difficult to find tasty and healthy recipes that could be frozen not to mention having to deal with the ever changing tastes of a toddler. But over time (21 months to be precise and counting) I’ve created a collection of recipes (from baby purees to toddler foods) that worked for us and which I intend to use with Ainsley once she transitions to solids. Hopefully my compilation on this blog will help others looking for a similar solution to find the recipe they need to do so too.

Apart from cooking to freeze, there are things along the way that I’ve tried which were a hit with the kids or really saved the day so I’m going to chronicle and review those here also as a shared resource for other moms to add to their arsenal because well, that’s what moms do.

Join me in my journey of discovery as I figure out what to cook or do next and of course, feel free to leave a comment to let me know what you’re doing to make things work in your household!